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Inspiring. This is the main thing we are looking for in weddings we publish. Did the couple add personal touches to their special day, beautiful details or created something unique and fresh with the venues or other aspects of the day? Weddings that are glamorous, DIY, on a budget, conservative, non-traditional – we want to show them all as long as they are inspiring.

Both Photographers and couples are welcome to submit a wedding, if you are a photographer make sure you have the couple’s permission to have the wedding published. Brides and grooms must provide the photographer’s contact information, so that we can get in touch and verify that we can publish the photographs. The photographer always get credit with a link back to their website.

Please include as many detail-shots as possible, for instance of the wedding dress, bridal bouquet, boutonniere, jewelry, table decor and flowers, personal details, venues and so on – in addition to photographs that show the atmosphere of the wedding, and portraits.

Please also provide as many of the vendors as possible – who did the floral arrangements, who designed the wedding dress / where was it bought, what is the name of the venue and so on. We always like to give credit where credit is due, and to give a shout-out to vendors that provide excellent service.


1.Please fill out and submit the form below.
2. Share your pictures with us (see details at the bottom of the page).

Informastion about the wedding:

Write a few words about where the wedding happened, time of year and other details. If you are a bride/groom please write your thoughts regarding the wedding planning, the choices you made and what was important to you. If you are a photographer submitting a wedding, you could either write information you have already gotten from the couple, or provide us with an email address for them so that we can get in touch for additional information.
Vi tar alltid kontakt med fotografen for godkjennelse før publisering.
Please leave a name and a website link (where there is one) for as many of the vendors as possible.
What are your best tips and ideas for future couples planning there wedding? This could be smart things to consider, ideas for personal details, entertainement, budget tips or similar.

Submitting photos

Submit at least 50 photos (ideally more than 100). The photos must be in JPG-format and at least 1000 pixels wide or high. You can either compress the photos to a zip/rar file and send us on email, or use Send the photos to Remember to specify which wedding you are submitting images for.